Between 1st and 14th November 2021 Latvia’s State Police departments all over the country received information about international scams involving EUR 208 000, as reported by the police.

Residents who agreed to participate in questionable investment platforms are the ones who lost the most money. Some resident of Vidzeme lost EUR 91 000 to such an investment scam, a resident of Latgale lost about EUR 35 000, a person in Zemgale lost more than EUR 11 000 and a person in Riga – about EUR 10 000.

Scams when criminals pretend to be bank employees or illegally use DPD Latvia and Omniva Latvia logos remain popular as well.

State Police urges residents to be vigilant and inform relatives and friends, especially elderly people and Russian-speaking people of these scams.

On 2 November police in Jekabpils received a request from a resident, who reported being scammed. The man was approached on Facebook by a stranger. The person made promises of great opportunities working in the cryptocurrency stock market. The man believed him and installed a remote access tool on Skype, providing the stranger full access to his PC.

At first he believed he was being trained and that his investments would bring profits. When he asked about accessing his earnings, it was not paid, and he finally realised he was scammed.

Between 7th and 16th October different amounts of money were transferred by the man. In total, the victim lost EUR 11 106.77.

Police commenced a criminal process.

On 4th November…

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