GREENE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana State Police says they were able to stop a scam from happening to a Greene County woman – in real-time.

It started on Thursday night when police were called to the home of a Bloomfield woman for a well-being check. Police learned the woman received a phone call from two men who said they were law enforcement.

Scammers told the potential victim that she had to go to Fort Wayne to pay a fine or she would face criminal legal action. Police learned the woman was on the phone with the scammers for hours.

An Indiana State Police Trooper Richard Klun got onto the phone with the scammers and even identified himself as a police officer, but that didn’t stop the men from continuing their scam attempt.

The scammers allegedly told the trooper one was with a police department in Allen County, and the other was a federal agent.

The pair threatened to arrest the Klun for getting in the way of their investigation.

Eventually, Klun got the men to admit it was a scam before they hung…

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