If you answer your phone and Frank* is on the other end of the line, he’ll keep you talking for as long as he can.

Every moment that ticks by is a chance for Frank to extract more information from you. 

You’re what’s known as a “hot lead” in the world of scammers — a fresh victim. 

And Frank has already done his homework before calling you in Australia.

“So when we ask about your job, we have already [figured out, for example,] a truck driver makes about 4,000 Australian dollars every month.”

Frank says scammers do their research on average wages in Australia.   (ABC News)

According to Frank, that piece of information is crucial. If he knows how much you earn, he’ll know whether you’re likely to be a valuable “client” going forward and how much you’re willing to invest.

But Frank has a conscience.

After about two years working in two separate European scam “boiler rooms”, he’s chosen to speak to the ABC. 

The ABC has agreed not to reveal his true identity to protect his safety. 

Frank says many people who’ve made an initial investment through him have gone on to lose tens of thousands of dollars. One Australian lost $500,000, he says. 

The companies he has worked for use fraudulent trading platforms. Some are linked to…

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