Niraj Dubey
Corporations invest billions into protecting private data. Globally, the cybersecurity services market brought in $173 billion in 2020. However, cybersecurity isn’t only a concern for government agencies and major corporations. Hackers and scammers also target individuals, including college students. Fortunately, college students can protect their private data and improve their internet safety without a corporate-sized budget.
Why is cybersecurity awareness important?
College students need to prioritize cybersecurity awareness. By taking a few simple steps, students can protect their private data and decrease the chances of falling for a phishing scam, putting private information at risk, or becoming the victim of identity theft. Hackers target college students because of their unique vulnerabilities. For example, scammers focus on college students because of their social media use, lax monitoring, and poor cybersecurity awareness. College students, like everyone else, worry about data theft. They often fail to follow safety practices to secure their information. Many simply see data breaches and cyber attacks as an unavoidable fact of modern life.
Common online threats towards college students:
College students face many of the same online threats as the general public, including phishing scams and fraudulent shopping sites. However, certain scams target college students. The basic common online threats that college students face.
A phishing scam…

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