Investors in fine vintage wines can raise a glass to tasty returns – with some bottles doubling in value over the past three years. Yet while traditionally investors have focused on fine clarets, from the Bordeaux region of France, many of the best financial returns are now coming from Italian wines. 

The price of the best Italian wines has gone up by 20 per cent over the past 12 months, according to the fine wine trading platform LiveTrade. Bordeaux wines rose in value by 14 per cent on average over the same period. 

Among the biggest winners is the Tuscan wine of Sassicaia. The 2018 vintage has jumped in value by 14 per cent since the start of the year to around £160 a bottle. But a 2015 vintage of Sassicaia, released in 2018, has increased by almost 120 per cent in three years and now changes hands for around £360. 

Premium: Some Italian wines have risen in price by more than French ones

Sassicaia is a so-called ‘Super Tuscan’; along with Ornellaia, Solaia and Tignanello (Meghan Markle’s favourite tipple). Another great winery in the region that is highly regarded by wine enthusiasts is Brunello di Montalcino.

Investors are also increasingly turning their attention to the Italian north west region of Piedmont. This includes the areas of Barbaresco and Barolo, where investment wines such as the 2014 Bartolo Mascarello can sell for £180 a bottle. 

Matthew O’Connell, chief executive of LiveTrade, says that although Italian vintages have long been…

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