PRESIDENT Joe Biden and democratic senators continue to debate an extension of child tax credit payments, as many in Congress have said a proposed one-year expansion is not enough.

The expansion is set to expire next year, and President Biden argues there should not be a work requirement for parental eligibility.

In a town hall on Thursday, Biden said he disagreed with an employment requirement for recipients, directly opposing the additional restrictions suggested by Senator Joe Manchin.

Half of the expanded credit began going out in monthly payments between July and will continue through December.

Families will be able to claim the other half on the 2021 tax returns.

Households that have yet to receive payments for July, August, September or October can trace the missing cash through the IRS website.

The online portal allows taxpayers to view payments and see if they’re enrolled for advanced payments.

The credits are worth $3,600 for kids below six in 2021 and $3,000 for those between six and 17. Families with college students ages 18 to 24 are eligible to receive $500.

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    If you’ve always received the monthly child tax credits, you’ll be eligible for $300 per child under six, and $250 per child between six and 17.

    In other words, if you have two children aged two and four, you will receive $600.

    If your children are aged four and nine, then that amount…

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