MISSOULA, Mont. – The holiday shopping season is far from over, so the Internal Revenue Service, experts always see an uptick this time of year with many people doing their shopping online, which runs the potential for holiday scams.

An IRS spokesperson we talked to has a few safety tips to keep in mind as we get closer to ordering those presents, so you can avoid online shopping scams. And when it comes to providing sensitive personal and financial information on different platforms like over the phone, email, and the internet, you can never be too safe.

“We really encourage people go directly to the store’s website that you are wanting to shop at other than necessarily clicking through emails and clicking through links,’ said IRS spokesperson. 

It’s not just online shopping where scams can come up, especially during the holidays.

“This is also a time of the year which people are very generous and they’re thinking about people that need help and they want to give to a charitable organization that is another area where there are a lot of potential scams out there,’ said spokesperson. 

To assure you’re donating to a legitimate site, you’re encouraged to check the IRS website and when you’re online shopping try using a secured wi-fi connection like the one at home, instead of a public network.

If you unfortunately do fall victim to a scam, you’re…

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