We regularly hear of threats to Android devices, of scams and malware and so on, but can the same problems hit iPhone users, too?

There’s no shortage of ways to use the internet, but whatever you choose, it seems as though the risk is always there.

If you use a computer, you’re probably using either Windows or Mac, and if you use a phone, it’s likely a choice of either Android or iOS, and for each of these, there’s a likelihood you’re going to see more security issues on one operating system per platform than the other.

In the world of computers, it seems like there are more attacks happening on Windows, likely because there are a lot of Windows users out there, giving cybercriminals more chances to land that convincing blow and get something lucrative for their time. Security issues exist on Mac, but Windows tends to get the bulk of them, as has been the case for decades.

It’s a similar situation in phones, where Android gets the bulk of the malware and dodgy pieces of software, with less talked about for iPhone. For instance, if you got one of those nasty little delivery scam messages earlier this year or even a fake voicemail message telling you there was something waiting in your inbox, the payload was for an Android phone, with Flubot lurking under the hood. That piece of malware wasn’t made for iPhone, so folks with one were a little safer than Android owners in this case.

But it has raised a regular question for Pickr…

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