Don’t share that post or click that link asking for personal info.

HOUSTON — Here’s a warning everyone should tell their friends and family about: Texas Roadhouse is not offering a free meal for two just by sharing a Facebook post.

On its official Facebook page, the Kentucky-based restaurant chain said Tuesday an account impersonating them is attempting to get personal information.

The fake page uses the company’s logo and name, but if you look closely, you’ll notice the page name is “Texas Roadhouse’s” instead of just “Texas Roadhouse” — without the apostrophe and S at the end.

The fake page carries this message with it, offering a meal deal that is not real:

Meal for two with drinks voucher offer for everyone!

I’m Gerald L.Morgan, CEO of texas roadhouses. I know times have been tough so to help everyone out I have a special surprise for everyone who shares&comments then. Every person who does this by Sep 30th can get a voucher. Each voucher can be used at any texas roadhouses restaurant to get a meal for two with drinks!


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