Q. I received an email that indicated my email password was about to expire which provided me with a link that would let me keep my password. I clicked on the link and the Web site asked me to log in and confirm that I didn’t want to change my password. In hindsight, I am thinking this might have been a scam. What should I do?

A. This email was, without a doubt, a scam.

The scammers are counting on you wanting to keep your email password and then tricking you into giving it to them so they can hack your email or worse, your identity.

Unfortunately, you are now going to have to do the very thing you were trying to avoid. You must change your password. I would recommend that you do this immediately as the scammers are likely going to take action very quickly.

The most common use of a hacked email account is that the scammers use it to send out more spam and scams. But it can also be used to access any accounts that use your email to verify your account or request password resets. This includes banks and other financial web sites as well as any of your social media accounts and online shopping accounts.

I would start by resetting your email password. Then I would go from there to any other sites where you have an account that uses that password and change the passwords for them as well.

Whenever you are asked for a password, you need to do your best to make…

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