PSE&G has joined Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) to recognize the sixth annual Utility Scam Awareness Week, Nov. 15-19. National Scam Awareness Week is an advocacy and awareness campaign focused on educating customers and exposing the tactics used by scammers.

“The pandemic has created financial hardship and escalated stress levels for many of our customers, and that is a perfect environment for scammers to thrive,” said Deb Affonsa, PSE&G’s vice president Customer Care and chief customer officer. “Bad actors create the impression of an urgent problem in the hopes that our customers will panic, preventing our customers from seeing all the clues that they are indeed being scammed.  I would like to reinforce, PSE&G is not currently shutting off residential customers for nonpayment.  PSE&G wants to help all our customers who are behind on their energy bills with affordable payment agreements to help our customers get back on track, together.”

PSE&G reminds customers to be alert to scams – particularly scams demanding immediate bill payment via a prepaid credit card or digital money transfer, or offering a bill discount due to a good payment history.

What to look out for

  • You receive a call from what looks like PSE&G on your caller ID.
  • The caller threatens to shut off your service and demands an immediate payment by cash, pre-paid card, or digital money transfer apps.
  • The caller informs you that…

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