The vampires in What We Do in the Shadows are hopelessly out of touch, so much so that they find Star Wars’ Jar Jar Binks delightful.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for What We Do in the Shadows Season 3, Episode 5, “The Chamber of Judgement,” now available on Hulu via FX.

One cliché about vampires is that they’re unable to keep up with fashion and technology, leaving them hidebound and enshrouded in the decayed trappings of centuries past. The original novel Dracula made a point of it by depicting its vampire count as an old man in a rotting castle who needed to travel to a vibrant city like London to grow young again. Naturally, What We Do in the Shadows makes great use of this, as its centuries-old protagonists still dress in 19th-century finery and find inventions like roller skates a novel idea.

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