Dan Banks didn’t say which one was more thrilling — being a sousaphone player who dots the “I” during the playing of the iconic Script Ohio on game day at Ohio Stadium, or hitting a hole-in-one on the golf course.

The 1983 graduate of Elida High School has done both.

More than once.

Now a PGA golf professional at Solon Country Club in Solon, Ohio, Banks has scored a hole-in-one six times, most recently two years ago.

“I just love golf … always have. It’s the greatest game,” he’ll tell you.

Then there’s Ohio State.

Banks was in sixth grade at Elida Middle School when his mother took him to the horseshoe for his first Buckeye football game.

What did he remember the most that day on the drive back to Allen County?

• Not the crafty maneuvers of quarterback Rod Gerald.

• And it wasn’t the three yards and a cloud of dust by tailback Ron Springs.

• You also can rule out the sideline pacing of Coach Woody Hayes.

“It was the band,” Banks said. “When I saw the band march onto the field, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. … to dot the ‘I’ in Script Ohio.”

And “do,” he’s “done” — twice.

Banks was in the band in the L Row from 1984 to 1987. During his senior year he was one of the sousaphone players to dot the “I.”

Thirty-four years later he was at it again.

This time it was during halftime of Ohio State’s game against Akron two weeks ago. Banks was one of two members of the alumni band who dotted the “I” during a special…

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