GOLF MANOR, Ohio — With unemployment benefits ending, many people are trying to get back into full time work.

But if you are looking for a professional job online, beware.

Lori Obermeyer is a freelance graphic designer who lost a lot of work during the pandemic at her Golf Manor, Ohio business, Obermeyer and Associates in Design.

So she recently started job hunting on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster, and she found a company with a great-paying graphics position.

“They emailed me to say they saw my resume and wanted to do a meeting with me,” she said. “It ended up being a chat room meeting.”

The company — Granite Construction of Lansing, Michigan — said she was perfect for the position.

“They said, ‘Congratulations, we picked you for one of our graphics designers,'” Obermeyer said.

But they first needed her to send money for equipment.

“They were going to send me things to build a remote office, a Mac, and office furniture,” she said.

Obermeyer found that strange.

So she called Granite and learned the job offer was fraudulent: No one at the company had ever spoken with her about a job.

How job scammers lure in victims

It used to be that job scammers would make up company names.

Not anymore.

Now they use the names of legitimate businesses, their logo, and even link you to that company’s website, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Sara Kemerer of the Better Business Bureau said job-seekers should confirm any opening with the company before giving out personal…

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