Joe Wheeler EMC out of Decatur posted on Facebook, warning people of scammers calling around claiming to be with local power companies.

DECATUR, Ala. — Tis’ the season for holiday scams; as more leaves fall, more scams take place.

Recently, Joe Wheeler EMC out of Decatur posted this message to their Facebook Page:

We have had a few members call to let us know there is someone calling in our area claiming to be from the “Power Company” and threatening to cut off power if payment is not made within 30 minutes. JWEMC does not make calls like this and would never identify ourselves as “The Power Company.” Please, if you get a call like this, hang up and call 256-552-2300 to let us know. 

“You know, people and their busy days, they do make mistakes sometimes so they’ll, they’ll think, oh, did I forget to send that? Did I forget to do that? Did I hit the wrong button somewhere?” said Director of Communications with JWEMC, Michael Cornelison.

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Not only did the utility company say they would never address themselves as “the power…

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