The world is full of numerous business opportunities, untapped markets that analysts predict will be worth millions in the future. However, there is a sort of caveat emptor on such investments because of the inherent risks in the market. What if someone, seemingly well-endowed in the niche, tells you of an investment’s assured returns. Would you hesitate? Keisha William’s story borrows from the same narrative. She seemed confident in her investment, which she promised great returns for shareholders. But everything crumbled, and people realized that she was a scam. And worst of all is how she spent the money. You wouldn’t believe it!

Keisha Williams who pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges stemming from a multimillion dollar scam. Photo: @KeishaPW
Source: Twitter

If you are a seasoned business person, you have likely interacted with people with a cunning persona. They are so confident that you can hardly tell fact from fiction as their stories are so believable. Their failed investments result in the most puzzling financial cases, leading many to wonder, “How can one be so gullible?”

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You see, the individual rooting for the considerable sums for investments are tactical schemers, and before investors know it, their hard-earned cash is gone. Keisha Williams from American Greed has one of the most bizarre stories of fraud. What happened?

Who is Keisha…

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