Knoxville authorities say that an unidentified man scammed an elderly resident, charging over $6,000 for a scam driveway repair.

KNOXVILLE, Ill. — The Knoxville Police Department has put out a call for information on a man they say scammed an elderly resident using driveway repair.

According to a Facebook post from Knoxville PD, on May 3, a man who called himself Jeremy T. Johnson and claimed to work for Johnson Blacktopping, spoke to an elderly resident, convincing them to pay him $500 to fill in cracks in their driveway.

The story goes on to say that the man then sealed the driveway without the owner’s consent and introducing an additional $2,800 charge. The resident reportedly questioned the charge, but relented and wrote a check for the total $3,300.

The man then claimed that a nearby tree was damaging the driveway and needed to be trimmed. He then cut the tree’s limb and charged an additional $3,500. The tree in question did not being to the resident, and it was on a neighbor’s property.

Authorities describe the man as a tall, tan, balding white man. He was reportedly accompanied by another white man who was not described, and were seen driving an…

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