Just a quick word before I get to the budget and the economy.

My congratulations to young Kyle Rittenhouse for his across-the-board acquittal and complete exoneration of all charges. In this country, thankfully, the right of self-defense is protected by our constitution as an integral part of the rule of law. In this difficult trial, justice was done.

And my hat’s off to the jury that performed their civic duty seriously and valorously in the face of threats to their well-being. And I want to tip my hat to the judge also facing threats to his well-being who ran a tough courtroom.


In a few moments, we’ll talk to Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson about the trial and the budget.

Now, we know this Triple B –  Bankrupt, Benefit and Bureaucracy bill – is a disaster for the economy and should’ve been killed. Right? Save America. Kill the bill.

As for the CBO scorecard, they have done what their Democratic House “masters” ordered them to do.

But the scoring is a complete gimmick-prone scam – one or two year phase-outs for entitlements and transfers that should be scored as 10 years because that’s the political intent of the big government socialists. Meanwhile, 10 years of taxes have…

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