You Can Protect Yourself from Scammers

Dear Editor: When I read the comments made by Mr. Plesser [“A Warning About Handymen,” Letter to the Editor, September 30, 2021] it made me a little upset. I fully understand where he is coming from that there are a lot of scammers out preying on the elderly, but you can bet that not enough information is obtained to keep records on file from these scammers. Both the Pinellas County Sheriff and the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board provide public service announcements, maybe not enough, advising everyone to check and see if the person estimating any type of repair work is both licensed and insured. This is a free service. The fastest and easiest way to stop a scammer – before you turn over any money – is to ask for a copy of their Pinellas County License AND a Certificate of Insurance listing you, as the homeowner, as the certificate holder for your files. Make sure that you get a hard copy to keep, not just them showing you a photo. This will stop them in their tracks and you will not see or hear from them again. The licensing board is always there to help you (727-582-3100).

Remember if you did not make the call to request an estimate from them, it is most likely a scam. Just say “No, thank you” and shut the door. – Sheila M. Eveland, President Eveland Brothers, Inc.

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