Logan Paul got duped.

The internet personality said in a YouTube video Thursday that he spent $3.5 million on an unopened set of first edition Pokémon cards that turned out to be G.I. Joe cards.

In the video, Paul and his friend Bolillo Lajan San, a known card collector, met with the Baseball Card Exchange in Chicago to discover if the cards were the real deal.

“We all got duped,” one of the card authenticators said after analyzing the boxes.

The outside of the boxes had Pokémon branding, but the inside were green G.I. Joe cards.

“Oh my God, bro,” Paul yelled as the first box was opened. “G.I. JOE?? G.I. JOE?!?! It could have been anything else.”

As the authenticators took issue with a number of things wrong with the boxes, Paul stood in the background saying, “No.”

One of the card inspectors said, “This is the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokémon.”

Paul opened the video saying, “This story is f–king crazy and it sucks and I’m out three and a half million dollars.”

Logan Paul received GI Joe cards instead of the authentic Pokemon cards he was expecting.

He previously teased the hefty purchase on social media, and included media coverage of the buzz in the video.

“I’m a super positive person, bro,” said Paul, who lasted eight three-minute rounds against Floyd Mayweather in a June…

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