“Missed Doge? Get Floki,” declared a wave of advertising on London’s public transport system last month.

The posters, which appeared on Transport for London (TfL) trains, stations and buses, advertised a meme cryptocurrency named after Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu.

But the advertising campaign has prompted calls for TfL to ban crypto adverts, with elected officials in the British capital calling for an end to adverts for “risky and unregulated investments”.

In a written question earlier this month, London Assembly member and former Green Party leader Siân Berry asked London Mayor Sadiq Khan for an update on “progress in restricting these adverts from the Transport for London network”.

Berry told Euronews Next she was not looking to single out crypto, but had wider ethical concerns about the impact of advertising on London’s public transport.

“My effort to limit these ads is just one aspect of a much wider review of advertising rules on the public transport network, which includes restrictions on adverts by repressive regimes, payday lenders, gambling companies and those that promote an unhealthy body image,” she said.

Khan has previously responded to another question from Berry, saying “I share your concerns on gambling advertisements and given the devastating way gambling addiction can destroy lives and families, I have asked TfL to bring forward plans to ban harmful gambling advertisements on its advertising network”.

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