The high target of the 1992 Kyoto Protocol allows European companies to buy and sell carbon offsets. But who collects taxes from companies that don’t exist? Starting in 2008, a group of French fraudsters, business owners and big financiers launched a program.

To write off the hundreds of millions of euros collected in value-added tax (VAT). On the transactions under the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme. The money turned out to be so good in one night get rich stupidly.

When asked about his role in the current program:

A few years after his eight-year prison sentence, Mardush “Marco” Muli would laugh. The gesticulate wildly and say he was a fifth wheel, not a brain at all. “I’m going to a place that smells good!”

Said the friendly and cheerful French. He grew up on the streets of the Belleville district of Paris. An illiterate Tunisian who learned to speak and fight. And soon enough, he became the face of the global CO2 tax thief hideout.

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Lords of Scam interviews Marco in-depth. As he drives a sports car and fights for the city. All as part of his layoff program. We also meet friends and conspirators, the likes of Greg Zaui and Dominic Gez. The people who call Marco their BFF as soon as they make fun of him. “If Marco shows up, no one survives.” From a distance, the activities of another gang. The wealthy…

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