Cyber security experts say online scams are up 2,000%.

SAN DIEGO — You still have some discount shopping time left for Cyber Monday, but you may have noticed it looks a bit different this year. There are not as many items in stock and those deep discounts are rare.

A record number of holiday sales topping $11 billion is estimated this year but not all shoppers will find it easy to snag hot toys like Legos, Playstation, as well as clothes.

“If you wait a day or two it may not be available,” said Miro Copic, SDSU Marketing professor.

He says don’t expect the deep discounts on Cyber Monday, it’s more like 20-25% off.

“The supply chain issues and price increases of raw materials that go in the finished product don’t allow for much of a discount,” said Copic.

While you’re watching the deals, thieves are watching your habits.

Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions CEO said his company has counted over 5,000 fake sites, up from just 100 earlier this year.

“We have seen a 2000%…

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