LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department said Tuesday officers routinely receive reports of scam calls and wanted the public to know how to reduce the risk.

Text messages, phone calls and emails are common ways scammers attempt to contact people, LPD told KLBK News. LPD told us that the elderly population is the most vulnerable, but the problem affects people of all demographics.

LPD recommended verifying the persons on the other end of phone calls, particularly when they ask for money or identify themselves as a bank or business.

The police department said you can hang up with the caller identifying as someone from your bank, and then call your bank back at the official or documented phone number.

“You can speak to that individual and say, ‘Hey, I received this phone call, they asked to verify this information, I want to make sure it was actually you who’s calling me,’” said LPD. “They’re going to be OK with that every time.”

The people who will not be OK with you hanging up and calling back are usually the scammers.

If the caller is angry or frustrated, they “probably are not being truthful about who they’re presenting themselves as,” LPD stated. “That’s not a customer service experience any company is putting forward.”

Another red flag to watch out for is when someone reaches out to you demanding payment in a rushed sense. LPD said, “Most people who are reputable are willing to wait or are not going to…

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