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LynKey plans to combine the luxury resort and tourism businesses with blockchain to transform the property ecosystem in Vietnam.

The goal is to distribute tokens to real estate investors and tourists like loyalty coins, and then enable them to participate in the blockchain-based “smart tourism” and luxury real estate markets. The goal is to target $8 billion worth of property and tourist destinations.

Dinis Guarda, founder and non-executive chairman of LynKey, said in an interview with VentureBeat that Lynkey will digitize luxury resorts and properties first in Vietnam and then in multiple other destinations,. It will do that with a blockchain-powered token marketplace and ecosystem.

LynKey’s objective is to tokenize all aspects of property development — purchases, leases, land use and related tourism entertainment — in an international blockchain-powered ecosystem that connects people with the best of property tech and premium experiences from resorts and cruises through NFTs.

“This project is something that actually I’ve been studying for a long time,” Guarda said. “I’ve been in blockchain for almost a decade, and I’vee been finding practical uses of blockchain.”

He added, “One of the biggest things that we have in our day to day operations is when we travel, or you look at property, we…

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