Once upon a time, Kenny Kunene was a founding member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). His stint in the party did not last long and he left in August 2013, the same year the EFF was formed.

Fast forward eight years and Kunene – who is now deputy president of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) – is facing a R1 million lawsuit over “defamatory statements” made about EFF leader Julius Malema.


Earlier in the post-vote cycle, it seemed as if the PA and EFF would have to work together in municipalities across the country. However, negotiations stalled and before long, the mudslinging began.

Malema remarked that he was “conflicted” about working with pamtiti (convicts). He was referring to Kunene – who spent six years in jail after being convicted of running a Ponzi scheme – and PA President Gayton McKenzie who spent seven years in prison for two separate robberies.


An incensed Kunene appeared on eNCA on Wednesday, 17 November. “…we have stood back but now it is over,” said Kunene during a live segment. “I am going to deal with him [Malema]. Whenever I meet him, he must tell me I am pantiti to my face.”

Kunene referred to the EFF leader as a “little cockroach” when he said he would call a press conference and tell the media why he really left the EFF in 2013.

McKenzie displayed more decorum in his response to Malema. He dismissed the pantiti remarks and said…

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