Whilst in university, Mr Ezeike and his co-founders first broke ground on what would become the number one fintech app for influencers in the UK, XPO. However, early on in the process, they realised eight months of work, time and money had all been for nothing when their app developer disappeared with their life savings.

Thinking they had themselves protected from any potential fraud with their contract, the pair worked with the developer for around eight months who would share updates that made it seem like he had been doing just what they had asked.

“Then one day I messaged him and he didn’t respond.

“On WhatsApp I couldn’t see his display picture, there was only one tick going through. He had taken us on a wild goose chase. We had no trading base, no nothing.”

Mr Ezeike explained how it felt when he realised what had happened: “It was just disbelief because I was thinking, ‘There’s no way I could get scammed. I’ve taken all the precautions needed because I didn’t pay him up front.’

“Then your pride sets in, like maybe it was the wrong number, maybe he doesn’t have internet. You sit there for days hoping that something will happen but as the days go on you realise this was definitely a scam.

“You also question if the scam even makes sense because the person has literally spent eight months with you. By then they had taken between £12,000 and £13,000, is that really enough for an eight month scam?


“At the time, firstly it was like,…

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