JEMPOL: A 21-year-old man from Bahau near here has been cheated out of almost RM100,000 in an online scam here.

Jempol OCPD Supt Hoo Chang Hook said the victim’s troubles started on Nov 6 after he saw a job advertisement on Facebook which promised a high commission for the sales they made.

“He then contacted an individual on a phone number given in the advertisement via WhatsApp and was given more details about the job.

“The victim was then told to click on another link and to download an application on Amazon Go,” he said, adding that the victim was also told to register a personal account on the application.

Supt Hoo said the victim was told that he would have to first pay for items advertised on the site and that he will be paid a commission for it in return.

The victim, who takes harvesting and fertilising contracts at oil palm plantations, was also told that he would only be refunded and paid the commission after having made 60 purchases.

To convince him further, the suspect told the victim that he would be able to monitor the sales and the commission he was entitled to online.

The victim agreed to this and started work on the same day. He was also told to make the payments for the purchases into three bank accounts.

Supt Hoo said apart from using his savings, the victim had also borrowed RM25,000 from his sister to pay for the purchases.

“After having made the purchases over…

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