Days after being released from prison for a 1999 murder conviction, a Pennsylvania man started a series of COVID-19 relief scams that would ultimately net him around $140,000 — until he was caught, federal officials said.

Kyle McLemore, 44, of Philadelphia is accused of filing fraudulent COVID relief applications over multiple months during the summer of 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice announced in a statement Tuesday, Nov. 9.

The first phony application was sent in May 2020, less than a week after McLemore was released from prison on parole, the statement said.

McLemore was convicted of shooting four people, killing one and injuring three, after a high school basketball game on the University of Pennsylvania campus, according to the statement.

At his sentencing in April 1999, McLemore denied having any part in the shooting, saying of the victim, “I didn’t even know [the] guy,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported at the time, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian.

“I truly feel sorry for his family because they’ve lost a son, just as my family will lose me,” he said.

McLemore served 21 years behind bars on the murder charges, the DoJ statement said.

He sought Pandemic Unemployment Assistance with the first application, lying that he was eligible for employment during a period of time when he was still in prison, and was given $14,555, the statement read.

Then in June 2020, McLemore sent a second application, this time to the Economic Injury…

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