The following is a synopsis of some of the incidents that occurred in the city during the week of Oct. 17 to 23, 2021. Refer to the city’s website Crime Mapping Section for additional details for the crimes of burglary, robbery, arson, theft and vehicle theft.

13600 block of Grove Drive — There was a report of two unknown suspects shoplifting at the noted location. There are no leads.

8500 block of Walnut Grove Lane — There was a report of someone opening the homeowner’s garage and going through their vehicle’s during the night.

12400 block of Elm Creek Blvd. — Two unidentified females ran out of the store with some unpaid merchandise. No suspects at this time.

A 26-year-old male was cited for driving after cancellation and possession of drug paraphernalia.

16900 block of 90th Court — A homeowner’s garage was broken into and a wallet was taken from a vehicle inside. Case is under investigation.

12900 block of Elm Creek Blvd. — There was a report of a theft of miscellaneous construction tools while renovating a store. No suspects.

9900 block of 101st Ave. — There was a report of scam calls and harassing messages.

A 36-year-old male was cited for theft on the 15300 block of Grove Circle.

17500 block of 96th Ave. — There was a report of a residential burglary at the noted address. No suspect information.

15700 block of Tarleton Crest…

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