November 15, 2021

Do you receive multiple spam calls a day? You’re not alone. Last month, Arizona received 88.5 million unwanted calls. That’s approximately 2.9 million calls a day, with the average person receiving 12.6 phone calls. Residents receive phone calls about “issues” with their social security, vehicle warranty, health insurance, and too good to be true offers such as free vacations, cruises, investments, cash prizes, and much more. Unfortunately, those that engage with these calls risk losing thousands of dollars and can expose their personal and financial information to scammers.

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Even though you may be accustomed to dealing with scams in emails, text messages, or letters, a phone call can be quite different, and if you’re not prepared you may end up putting your personal or financial information at risk. Scammers use various tactics, but these two warning signs will alert you to their scheme.

  • The Tone of the Call: Is the caller threatening, demanding, or pressuring you? Any legitimate business or government organization will not threaten you or require immediate payment.
  • Method of Payment: Is the caller suggesting an unconventional payment method such as a wire transfer, gift card, pre-paid credit card, or bitcoin? These are all risky methods of payment and are difficult to trace and recover once they are made. If anyone suggests…

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