I don’t invest much energy commenting on the abundance of inexcusable national blunders and political power plays designed to benefit one party above the welfare of all Americans.

It isn’t that there aren’t plenty of issues worthy of criticism and commentary. It’s that I’m not well-sourced at the national level, nor do I have interest in pretending to be a political pundit.

However, I couldn’t remain silent after watching President Joe Biden attack members of our nation’s mounted Border Control trying their best to control illegal Haitian immigrants flooding our border. It is, after all, their responsibility.

Biden commented about several Border Control officers on horseback trying to maintain order at the insanity now known as our southern border. In the process of doing their jobs, at least one officer was using ordinary split reins to safely control his horse.

These reins are standard issue when using horses to control crowds. They aren’t “whips,” never have been, and weren’t being used as such. The video of this disputed event clearly shows that to every American despite leftist lies to the contrary.

“It was horrible what you saw,” Biden said at the White House. “To see people treated like they did, horses nearly running people over and people being strapped. It’s outrageous! I promise you those people will pay. … An investigation [is] underway now, and there will be consequences.”

Consequences, eh? What about your own ignorant, ill-informed, knee-jerk public…

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