The season of pumpkin picking is here and one fall hot spot in the Poconos was recently picked by online scammers.

SAYLORSBURG, Pa. — Pumpkins are ready to be picked, and the gigantic corn maze is ready to be walked through. Mazezilla at Klingel’s Farm and Produce Stand near Saylorsburg is all set for another fall season.

“We got the 11-acre corn maze this year; it’s a medieval maze. It’s a castle with everything that has to do with medieval times. We’ve got our knight, Cinderella’s carriage, a dragon. It’s all designed within the maze,” said owner Stewart Klingel, Mazezilla at Klingel’s Farm.

Every year, Klingel posts events, giveaways, and updates for the farm on the business’s Facebook page.

A recent post was more of an alert after someone made a bogus Facebook profile under the business’s name and sent friend requests to people.

“As a farmer, you have enough to worry about, especially when you have an event that’s weather-dependent. We are always dependent on the weather, and now you have one more thing to worry about—someone hacking into your website or Facebook page,” said Klingel.


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