Trying to figure out how the stock markets work? These days you’re as likely to turn to a social media influencer for advice as a financial adviser dressed in a suit.

Across the globe, baby-faced investment gurus in their 20s are building huge followings on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok by offering tips on how people can better manage their finances.

TikTok, the most downloaded app of 2021, may be best known for dance routines and weird recipes. But posts by “finfluencers” — financial influencers — have proved an unexpected hit.

The hashtag “StockTok” has 1.7 billion views and counting, while “FinTok” (financial TikTok) has more than 500 million. Variations on “investing” rack up millions or even billions of views depending on the language.

Australian finfluencer Queenie Tan regrets that the app wasn’t around six years ago when she was first wading into the intimidating world of investing. At the time, she mostly turned to books for pointers.

“It’s so much better now, because it’s so much more accessible,” said the 25-year-old, who boasts 100,000 followers on her “Invest With Queenie” TikTok account and tens of thousands more on Instagram and YouTube.

Filmed in her living room in Sydney, her videos range from simple explainers of investment vehicles to the money lessons you can learn from hit Netflix series “Squid Game.”

Like many finfluencers, Tan’s posts have an aspirational quality: She already holds assets worth some $400,000….

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