A ‘well-travelled and intelligent’ Melbourne woman has allegedly been tricked into handing over her life savings in a sophisticated scam.

A Melbourne woman has allegedly been conned out of her entire life savings by a man impersonating a federal police officer.

Victoria Police have launched an investigation after the 27-year-old international student was contacted by a man claiming to be from the Australian Federal Police on August 16 this year.

Police alleged the woman had her entire life savings stolen by the hoax callers after they claimed the student had several credit card debts.

Police allege the scammer told the woman that if the debts were not repaid it would affect her visa status and any future plans involving overseas travel.

While on the phone, police said the woman was transferred several times until a female voice answered and gave the victim instructions on what to do.

Police said the woman was told to withdraw $20,000 from her bank and take the money to the Princes Gardens on Chapel St, Prahran where she would be met by an AFP officer.

At the park the woman allegedly handed over the $20,000 in cash to a man but was told she still owed another $20,000.

The woman told the alleged AFP impersonator that she only had $18,300 left in her account, and police said the man then told her she only had to pay $18,000 and could keep the $300.

Police said the victim went back to the bank and withdrew the balance of her account before going back to the park and handing over…

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