The Economic Crimes Unit within the Miami Police Department is investigating another real estate scam involving vacant lots. 

NBC 6 Investigators have uncovered an increase of this type of scams during the pandemic – as many deals have come together remotely. 

Shirley Gibson said she is the latest victim.

Gibson said his father bought a vacant lot along Plaza and Charles St. in Coconut Grove after he immigrated to South Florida from the Bahamas. The 88-year-old said her plan was to pass the lot down to her niece and nephew. 

“So Blacks will have some property in West Grove because the property is very, very valuable,” Gibson said. 

Earlier this month, Gibson said she went to pay taxes on the lot and was told by county staff she did not have to pay them because they were already paid by the new owner, Ollie Development LLC out of New York. 

County records show Ollie Development LLC purchased the lot for $230,000 in March. But Gibson said she never put the lot up for sale. She contacted a lawyer.

“For me, it’s been disturbing,” Gibson told NBC 6. “I’m just distraught for all of this, that I have to fight to keep my property.”

From the tax office, Gibson received a copy of the deed transfer. She claims someone forged her signature. 

NBC 6 Investigators obtained a copy of the deed through her attorney, David Winker. 

The deed appears to be signed by notary Mohamed Chraibi. However, he told NBC 6 he is also a victim of identity…

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