Having just transferred from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow, Russia, LSA junior Veronika Volevich was looking forward to attending her first football game in The Big House. She made a post in the “Buying and Selling Tickets UMich” Facebook group on Sept. 4 requesting that anyone selling tickets to the football games on Sept. 11 or Sept. 18 comment or contact her privately.

Within a few minutes, Volevich said she got a message from Facebook user “Elena Beretta.” Beretta told Volevich she had tickets for both games in Section 31, Row 10 and asked Volevich to make an offer. Volevich suggested $40 per ticket and said Beretta immediately accepted.

But an hour after Volevich electronically paid Beretta for the tickets, Volevich said she still had not received them. When Beretta stopped responding to her private messages, Volevich realized it had been a scam.

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