MICROSOFT, Google, and Facebook are among the top brands used by unscrupulous scammers in phishing attacks, experts say.

A study conducted by researchers at Checkpoint revealed that hackers impersonating Microsoft accounted for 29 percent of all global phishing attacks between July and September.


Microsoft is among the top brands used by unscrupulous scammers in phishing attacks, data shows

Scammers imitating Amazon and Google accounted for 13 percent and six percent of all phishing attacks over the three-month period.

Social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp made the list of top ten of the most imitated brands for the first time, according to Komando.

Scammers try to use recognizable brands to lure their unsuspecting victims into providing their personal details.

Researchers at Checkpoint said hackers sent unsuspecting LinkedIn users a phishing email titled: “You have a new LinkedIn business invitation from…”

The email directs users to a fake LinkedIn website where scammers expect Americans to enter their personal details. If users enter their personal information then hackers can steal their data.

Scammers also tend to use the keywords “required”, “message”, and “new” when sending malicious emails.

Links to websites pretend to be legitimate as hackers try to trick people into clicking them, according to Tech Radar.

Ben Brigida, director of SOC Operations at Expel, told TechRepublic: “Attackers are trying to trick people into…

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