I hunt for scammers online and found the phone number 1-800-672-2659. I called the number several times, each time the other person indicates Microsoft Support. Under the Microsoft Support website https://support.microsoft.com/en-us…-numbers-c0389ade-5640-e588-8b0e-28de8afeb3f2, this telephone number does not exist and if you call Microsoft Support using a number in your region or area, they will indicate to you that the phone number is not Microsoft Support.

If you do call this number, the person will want to connect to your computer system so they can obtain your personal information, banking information, credit card information and any other information on you. They may also place a syskey on your system preventing you from using your system, then will demand payment in return for obtaining the password to unlock the syskey. This may not work either. These scammers may keep your payment and not provide you with the correct password or any password.

Do not let any unknown person access your computer system, under any conditions. Also, Microsoft Support will never call you indicating they are receiving error messages on their server from your system. Microsoft Support will never contact us. We have to contact Microsoft Support, which can be found on the Microsoft.com website.

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