In this month in which we celebrate both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, it’s important to point out that scammers often target the most vulnerable members of our society. The men and women who served our country are, sad as it is to say it, a big part of this vulnerable group.

The FBI said this month in its Tech Tuesday newsletter that it’s launching Operation Protect Veterans, an effort to educate the public and dedicate resources to protect veterans from digital scams.

PennyGem’s Elizabeth Keatinge explains how retirees can avoid being scammed.

According to the FBI, veterans are twice as likely to fall victim to scams. Per reports to the federal law enforcement agency, 16% of veterans say they have fallen victim to scams, compared to 8% of the civilian public.

“Why the difference?” the newsletter reads. “Veterans tend to be more trusting of those they believe to be fellow members of military service, making them particularly vulnerable to imposter fraud and other types of scams.”

Because we know that scammers love to pose as authority figures, it’s no surprise that they would prey on veterans by posing as military officials or fellow vets.

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