Following the leaked Twitch data in the past weeks, allegations were made that some publishers were laundering money through the site.

Allegedly, the fraudsters were transferring bits (bit scams) loaded with stolen credit cards to the publishers they had agreed on via Twitch, and then the two parties shared the incoming money at certain rates.

After the allegations, some publishers who were involved in this business expressed their regrets and confirmed the incident, while others stated that they gave up on this when they learned the scope of the incident and confirmed what happened.

Twitch streamers and users who say stop to this scam, #cleantwitch tag they gave support. In addition, publishers paused their broadcasts until November 5 to stand against this fraud that occurred on the Twitch platform.

What is Bit Scam?

Credit card theft scammers contact partner Twitch streamers and offer to donate to them with stolen credit cards. Publishers who accept the deal return some of their donations to the fraudsters, and the black money sent by the publishers to the credit card thieves becomes clean. Thus, both publishers and credit card thieves profit…

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