After losing nearly $400,000 in what he believes was a romance cryptocurrency scam, David still has dreams about the people who did this to him getting arrested and facing justice.

But he knows it’ll likely never happen in real life.

The Montreal resident has been seeing a psychologist ever since he realized that the woman he met on Facebook Dating in February wasn’t who she said she was and coaxed him into slowly emptying out his life savings.

“They’re bloodsuckers, they’re real criminals of the highest degrees,” said David.

David (a pseudonym) agreed to speak to CTV News on the condition that his real name is not published since he is self-employed and he fears revealing his identity will hurt his business.

David appears to be the victim of a modern twist of the typical romance scheme whereby someone dupes another person in a new romantic relationship to send over money for an apparent urgent need and the perpetrator vanishes after the money is paid.

In his case, David said he developed an online relationship with the woman that, at first, appeared to be genuine. They would exchange messages daily on WhatsApp and share photos.

The woman, who was originally from China, would discourage doing video calls with him because she said her English wasn’t good enough for a live two-way call and was more comfortable with text-based chats instead, he said.

After a couple of months, she introduced the idea of investing in Bitcoin…

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