Scam numbers are on the up and up, and that’s bad news, with your passwords at risk. What has Google found, and what can you do to keep security up with it?

The world’s biggest search engine has been doing research, and it could be bad news for Australians not taking security seriously. According to Google, only 42 percent of Australian adults actively take steps to improve online security, while the remaining Aussies seem less likely to.

This despite the influx of scams over the past year which to date has seen well over $100 million lost from local wallets according to recent data from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch project.

The research from Google in Australia found that one third of the population has seen passwords hacked or compromised, while phishing attacks have affected one in four Australians at least once.

The news may not be surprising, especially with more and more scams popping up than ever, many of which arrive on our phones, one of the few gadgets we’re almost always carrying. We’re seeing new scams weekly, some of which come through over email, others on text, and some more directly through a phone call as scammers try the call centre approach with a script to convince you to hand over credit card details.

While scams are on the increase, hardly a surprise given the amount of money it generates for cybercriminals, at the same time internet hygiene may not be as high as experts would…

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