From storm damage to regular home improvement projects, we’ve got tips to help you find a good, reliable contractor.

This week, repairs begin after a historic winter storm froze water pipes that flooded homes, apartments and office buildings across the state. 

But experts say rushing to select a contractor could end up causing you worse problems. 

How do you know who to trust? We’ve compiled a list of tips at the end of this story to help you select a good, honest contractor.

Even before last week’s storms, the COVID lockdown had prompted a wave of home improvement projects, meaning contractors were in high demand. But some North Texans said they didn’t get what they paid for.

The Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas says complaints against contractors were up 5 percent last year.

Rochelle Lindsay filed one of them.

Lindsay, a single working mom, saved up to renovate her bathroom.

She hired a contractor named Don Childers and paid him $10,000 to complete the…

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