The Manchester Police Department is receiving an uptick in reported scams and scam attempts. It is not unusual for this activity to increase around the Holiday Season.

“We are taking reports on numerous types of scam attempts, some of which have been successful. Generally, there is not a way to determine where the phone call and/or the money come from or is being sent to,” an MPD announcement reads

MPD reminds the public that it is unlikely that your financial institution is going to accept any responsibility for you being scammed and or cashing/sending a fraudulent check. It is possible that the caller will request that you go to a local store and purchase gift cards or other type of cash cards – in return they want you to provide them with the numbers on the cards. All of the above are likely scams, and the chances of your money being returned is unlikely, according to MPD 

Below is a list of type of scams that we are seeing reported 

– Callers posing as bondsmen needing money for a family member in jail.

– Callers posing as Law Enforcement and offering to handle arrest warrants via cash trade-off.

– Callers posing as a representative of the IRS needing money for unpaid taxes.

– Receiving fraudulent check in the mail; cashing it and sending a % of the money to a certain person.

– Conversations online that lead to a relationship in…

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