One factor that continues to weigh down the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency industry is the constant hacking and scamming the space is plagued with. Even with increased vigilance and security measures, another cryptocurrency protocol, Tsuzuki Inu, has done it again. They have managed to run off with millions of dollars in investors’ funds, highlighting the issues posed by the dog and meme-themed cryptocurrencies.

Earlier today, Twitter users noticed that Tsuzuki Inu developers have allegedly rug pulled all liquidity from its investors. Transaction history on Etherscan shows that they converted the ERC-20 tokens into 265 wrapped Ethereum and then to USDC worth over $1,157,125.


At the same time, the digital asset’s value fell down by almost 97% on Coinmarketcap and was trading at $0.0000000000018 at the time of writing.

Source: Coinmarketcap

The token had been in circulation since March this year and had touted itself as both meme and gaming currency. It also had plans to add play-to-earn features in the future along with a DEX wallet for which it had carried out a free giveaway recently, possibly to increase the legitimacy of the token and its price. TZKI had a total supply of 1 quintillion with locked liquidity.

Legitimacy traps

The developers were able to skirt around the feature by asking investors to swap their TZKI tokens with TZKI v2 tokens by sending them to a swap contract account, according to screenshots of Telegram chats posted on…

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