NAPLES, Fla. — We’ve all received the calls before; someone claiming to be from the IRS or Social Security Administration. While they put on a show, it’s actually scammers trying to con you out of your hard-earned cash. 

Their latest trick almost worked on a Naples woman. The scammers on the other end of the line told her someone was using her information to open bank accounts, and she needed to download an app to let them access her phone. 

“That’s a little bit scary to me actually,” said CyberSecurity expert Dennis Underwood. “With the phone, they get full access to any passwords, any accounts.”

Underwood has heard the story hundreds of times, but the remote access to a victim’s phone is a new twist. 

“We have so much on our phones nowadays, and it’s all tied together,” Underwood said. 

But that’s not all that happened. They then asked her to move all the money from her bank account into Bitcoin. She did, but just before she was going to click send, a fraud alert popped up warning her of the dangers of what she was about to do. 

“If they had already flagged that destination account as fraudulent or suspicious and thrown up a warning to grandma,” said Underwood. 

These social security scams are more prevalent today than ever. So much that the FTC posted a warning message. 

“This is happening in your community,” said Monica Vaca, Associate Director of the FTC’s Division of Consumer Response…

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