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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the Better Business Bureau is sharing the following tips for consumers to avoid cyber risks that can result in identity theft and fraud.

  • In social media, don’t be too quick to click on ads that offer improbably good deals.  Research companies with and other online sources before you buy.
  • Secure your smart devices and consider installing anti-malware on your smartphone. Configure and monitor app settings for privacy, encrypt your Wi-Fi, name your router, and keep your software up to date. Ask the manufacturer or seller about smart device set up and vulnerabilities.
  • Use multifactor authentication to secure your logins—everywhere. However, using your private phone number for that purpose could expose you to some risks. Consider creating an Internet phone number for online authentication instead.
  • Change passwords often and keep them long and strong. Passphrases are more complex and may be more secure.
  • Never download or install files from unverified sources.


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