National Police warn consumers of the Mercadona email scam.
image: mercadona

THE National Police have been warning consumers on Twitter about the Mercadona email scam

The National Police has been warning the public in recent days about a new online scam in which criminals use the name and actual branding of Mercadona to try to scam users.

According to the force, the scam operates via an email that you might receive, with the heading, “You have been selected!”, in which the scammer will ask you to enter personal information in order to claim a ‘prize’. This email will also ask you to click on a link, telling you that by doing so you can receive free products from the supermarket giant.

Of course, the whole thing is an elaborate trick, designed to collect your personal info and banking data. You might think nobody would be naive enough to actually fall into this trap, but the National Police will tell you otherwise.

In a message on their official Twitter account, the police informed everybody of this hoax, and that it is not an email from Mercadona, advising anybody who has doubts, to always check with the official website of the supermarket.

“You, who have not participated in any contest, have been mysteriously selected to receive free products”, says their tweet, and let’s be honest, if you know you never entered any competition with Mercadona then you should be very suspicious.

This scam involves the user having to take part in a…

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