A Nevada resident was targeted Tuesday morning in a potential scam where the Nevada Highway Patrol’s Reno office number was used, according to NHP.

The suspected number used to call the victim came from (775) 687-9600, which is the NHP office in Reno.

The potential scammer identified themselves as working for Customs and Border Patrol, said NHP Trooper Charles Caster.

The victim was told by the caller that their personal identifiable information had been compromised. The victim responded appropriately by not giving any information to the other party and by hanging up the phone, said Caster.

NHP personnel will never call anyone claiming to be calling from or working for another agency or organization, said Caster. NHP would like to remind the public to never give out personal information over the phone, especially to unverified sources. If a citizen suspects that they may have received a spam or scam call, do not give any information to the other party, and hang up.

These scams happen often where phone scammers often use devices or apps to create telephone number clones.

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